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Management of engineering systems of the ice room

Ice room dispatching

1.Object, its features
2.How the ice cave works
3. What had to be done, what equipment was installed
4.What is the result

In January 2023, our company received a request to create an automated control system for snow supply to the ice room located in Zaryadye Park (opposite the Kremlin).
Вид на ледяную комнату 

How the ice cave in Zaryadye works

At the entrance to the room, where the temperature is maintained at -10 °C, there are appropriate sound and wind special effects, the visitor gets the feeling that he has entered a world that is really close to Arctic conditions. The cave room itself is made in the form of a small labyrinth, which makes the visit mysterious and memorable.
Вид внутри

It was required to perform programming and commissioning:
- on the panel SPK 107 ARIES;
- on the MasterSCADA 3.12 dispatching system, by embedding it on an existing workstation.

Our company performed work on setting up and commissioning of application software for controlling the valves of fans and snow generators of the automation system.

A dispatching system based on Masterskada 3.12 was created
Компоненты шкафа


Before starting work, the following were created:
- I / O table, which contains all the signals of the system;
- an album of video frames;
- control algorithms are written.
Проработка схемы

Then the application software for the visualization panel SPK107 OWEN was created.

Программа на СПК

Размещение СПК

Главный кадр

Детализированный кадр

Управление нарушениями

 And for MasterSCADA 3.12 dispatching system:



Шкаф АСу ТП

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